The Transit Development Plan (TDP) is a 10-year plan that guides funding, and serves the mobility needs of residents, employees and visitors. The TDP is required of each transit agency receiving funding from the Florida Department of Transportation, and undergoes annual updates, with a major update every five years.
The FY2016-2025 TDP update took place in collaboration with the development of a Community Transportation Plan. HART, Hillsborough County and the cities of Tampa, Temple Terrace and Plant City came together in May 2013 to establish the Transportation for Economic Development Policy Leadership Group. In 2015, the group conducted extensive public outreach, known as Go Hillsborough, in sync with the annual update of the HART FY2016-FY2025 TDP. 

The FY2016-2025 HART TDP is made up of two scenarios:

  • The Action Plan lists transit improvements HART plans to make with existing, status quo funding.
  • The Go Hillsborough/Vision Plan lays out additional transit improvements that HART would make with an additional $30 million per year (approximately 25% of revenues generated by a possible ½% Transportation System Sales Surtax).


Past HART TDP documents: