Mike Suarez
​​​Mike SuarezMike Suarez is a third-generation resident of Tampa, with deep roots in West Tampa. After graduating from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and while completing work on a Master of Public Administration degree, Mike began working as an unpaid intern with Senator Bob Graham’s office in Tampa. Soon he became a part time Staff Assistant and was eventually asked to take the Central Florida District Representative position in 1990. In his work for Senator Graham, Mike learned the finer points of serving the public interest.

In 1993 Mike began a career as an insurance professional working in several capacities. His 24 plus years in the business have included positions as a designer of insurance products for specific industries, insurance agency owner. He currently is President of Suarez Insurance Inc., A OneSource Insurance Partner specializing in Commercial Insurance consulting and sales.

Prior to his election in 2011, Mike was involved with numerous local charities and professional organizations. He was the President of the Guardian Ad Litem Guild (renamed Voices for Children), served on the subcommittee for Urban Enterprises Initiatives and Chairman of the Water Resource subcommittee for the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce. He has also been a Board Member and past President of the Insurance Agents of Greater Tampa, a board member of the Centro Asturiano de Tampa and a board member of the Macfarlane Park PTA. Since 1997 Mike has helped select candidates to the U.S. Naval and Air Force Academies for Senator Graham, Senator Bill Nelson and Congresswoman Kathy Castor. He previously served the City of Tampa on the Civil Service Board and was Chair of the Equal Business Opportunity Advisory Committee.