Every day, more than 300 transit professionals and 34,000 customers share space on HART buses, vans, and streetcars. Please take time to know the rules for a great experience. 

Ride with Respect – Be kind. Be courteous. ​​


The following are necessary to ensure a safe and efficient transportation system. Failure to comply with these rules, regulations, procedures, or guidelines may result in the denial of service and/or arrest.


  • No alcoholic beverages, controlled substances, or illegal use of paint or glue
  • No smoking, eating, or drinking of any beverage
  • No running in the aisles o​r playing loud music
  • Keep entrances, exits and aisles clear
  • No rude, abusive, or vulgar language
  • No abusive or threatening behavior towards others
  • No loitering around bus stops
  • Do not write, paint, or destroy and bus, bus property, or bus stop
  • No boarding bus wearing roller blades or roller skates
  • Shoes and shirts are required
  • Keep your hands and head inside the bus
  • Do no cross the street in front of a bus after exiting the vehicle
  • Do not open the windows
  • Report suspicious packages or behavior to the operator
Be Kind. Be Courteous.

Being respectful of one another contributes to the well-being, safety and security of everyone.

  • Speak softly when using a cell phone
  • Offer your seat to elderly, disabled, or pregnant passengers
  • Stay in your seats until the bus comes to a halt
  • Stay clear of the doors until they are opened
  • Place any bags on the floor, instead of in the seat next to you
  • Move over to the window seat to allow others to sit

  • Use headphones when playing music or using your cellphone
  • Gather your items and be ready as the bus approaches
  • Be patient and allow others to exit before boarding
  • Please exit the bus via the back door
  • Clean up any trash upon exiting the bus​

Ride with Respect -
Be Kind. Be Courteous.


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