​MetroRapid SYSTEM​

Service connects Downtown Tampa and the University Area via Nebraska and Fletcher. Alternate trips connect the University Area to the Hidden River Regional Park-n-Ride.

This service features 17.5 miles of limited stops, traffic signal priority (GPS technology that extends green lights and shortens red lights improving travel time by 15%), ticket vending machines at select station stops, enhanced passenger stations with bicycle racks, and low floor buses. ​​

  • ​Sleek new vehicles offer a comfortable ride for passengers and drivers
  • New, modern station stops
  • Transit Signal Priority holds green lights and shortens red lights for MetroRapid buses as they approach the intersection, if the bus is 3 minutes (or more) behind schedule. TSP provides a 15 percent travel-time savings, and MetroRapid buses are estimated to travel the 17.5-mile North-South route in under an hour.
  • Ticket Vending Machines at major stations to speed boarding
  • Bicycle racks at each station


This service operates weekdays with 15-minute service from 5 AM - 8 PM.

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​The ​HART MetroRapid system features fewer stops, high frequency and advanced technology to help travelers get to their destinations quickly and conveniently.