The following are necessary to ensure a safe and efficient transportation system. Failure to comply with these rules, regulations, procedures, or guidelines may result in the denial of service and/or arrest.


  • No alcoholic beverages, controlled substances, or illegal use of paint or glue
  • No smoking, eating, or drinking of any beverage
  • No running in the aisles o​r playing loud music
  • Speak softly when using a cell phone
  • Keep entrances, exits and aisles clear
  • No rude, abusive, or vulgar language
  • No abusive or threatening behavior towards others
  • No loitering around bus stops
  • Do not write, paint, or destroy and bus, bus property, or bus stop
  • No boarding bus wearing roller blades or roller skates
  • Shoes and shirts are required
  • Stay in your seats until the bus comes to a halt
  • Keep your hands and head inside the bus
  • Stay clear of the doors until they are opened
  • Do no cross the street in front of a bus after exiting the vehicle
  • Do not open the windows
  • Report suspicious packages or behavior to the operator

HART makes it easy to ride the bus with our Bikes on Buses program. By combining two modes of transportation, you can greatly exp​​and your range of travel.


Folded bikes are permitted on all HART buses and HARTFlex vans. Just a few courtesies to keep in mind:
  • Big bikes go on the rack - Maximum wheel size for folding bicycles is 20 inches
  • Be ready - Bicycles must be folded and bagged before boarding the bus or van
  • Folded bicycles go underneath the seat or in front of the customer
  • Motor-powered bicycles are not permitted inside HART vehicles or on bus/van bicycle racks


Bicycle racks are on all HART buses and HARTFlex vans. The following bicycle rack rules apply:
  • Each bus and van bicycle rack accommodates two bicycles
  • Only single-seat, two-wheel bicycles are permitted
  • If the rack is full, customers should be prepared to wait for the next bus or choose a safe location to lock up their bicycle
You can also take your bike with y​ou and transfer to a PSTA bus without a special permit. Go to for more information.

You should attach an identification number to your bicycle — whether it's the manufacturer's serial number, a license plate or a sturdy decal — and keep a copy of this number with you. This will greatly facilitate the process of claiming lost bicycles. In addition, the Tampa Police Department encourages bicyclists to register their bicycles with its Bicycle Registration Theft Protection Program to assist in recovering stolen bikes. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Reduce your impact on the environment
- pedal power is green power!


With this FREE program, you will ride with a HART team member and receive step-by-step instructions on how to understand the HART system, and figure out the best route that will take you to your destination. You will learn how to use the transit guide, understand the schedules, and ride the bus. This service is for anyone, and is available in both English and Spanish.

Your first ride on HART during the training is free. Call or email HART Customer Service today at (813) 254-4278 to schedule your training session. Please have a specific destination in mind.